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Rhino Plasty

Rhinoplasty by definition is a procedure to reshape or remold your nose, which is actually the center of attraction of any face. This is the reason it is most popular type of surgery performed by cosmetic & plastic surgeons all around the world

Why should you get Rhinoplasty done?

This procedure is mainly done for beautifying the shape of your nose. This surgical procedure helps in correcting the disfigurement of nose that has occurred due to injury or defect that was present by birth.  This procedure also helps in correcting breathing problems which arise due to deviated septum.

What type of Rhinoplasty is required for the face?


  Nose may require correction at different levels such as:

  •   Hump of nose or parrot peak deformity
  •   Flat bridge of the nose that is between junction of forehead & nose
  •   Overall  wide nose
  •   Bulky nose
  •   Drooped nasal tip
  •   Wide nostrils
  •   Upturned nose
  •   No Gap/pillar between nose tip & upper lip area

So each kind of problem will have different solution which will be suggested by our Cosmetic & Plastic surgeon Dr Ravi Mahajan, who has 30 years of experience.

What kind of Procedure will be done for Rhinoplastys?

 Rhinoplasty may involve either augmentation or reduction of size of internal framework of nose. During Augmentation Rhinoplasty bone, cartilage or synthetic silicone implants are put to enhance the depressed parts of the nose.For Reduction Rhinoplasty the cut is either given from inside the nose or below tip of nose, the skin is lifted and bones cartilages are adjusted to give you shape that will suit your face. These procedures will either leave nor scar or fine scar which will be not apparently visible due to its site.

What kind of anaesthesia will be given for Rhinoplasty?

 Certain rhinoplasty procedures can be done under local anaesthesia & along with  mild sedation to prevent discomfort. But other times depending upon the surgical procedure one may require General Anaesthesia. Under local anaesthesia one can go home the same day but under general anaesthesia one needs to stay overnight. People from far off places can opt to stay in the hospital for a longer period.

What is expected after Rhinoplasty surgery?

 Some bruising & swelling will always be there immediately after surgery. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for initial swelling to subside. Initially there may be splint on the nose and some packing inside the nostrils to control bleeding, so one may encounter difficulty in breathing. Final result of Rhinoplasty will usually be visible in about 3 months.

Risks involved in Rhinoplasty Surgery?

 Like any surgical procedure there are few risk involved but these are minimized when your get surgery done from experienced plastic & cosmetic surgeon. There are some chances of bleeding, infection, difficulty in breathing for few days till you have swelling or packing inside the nose. This get better & better as swelling starts to decrease. More queries can be solved by your operating surgeon.

What precautions to take at home after Rhinoplasty Surgery?

  •  Keep clean & dry hankerchief to clean if any secretions come out.
  •  Must keep your head up/ raised as much as possible even during sleeping.
  •  Do not blow your nose.
  •  If feel like sneezing the instead cough out.
  •  Avoid hot baths.
  •  Take rest for few days if possible as it helps to heal better.

How to Choose a best Surgeon for Rhinoplasty?

DR RAVI MAHAHAJN with 30 years of experience in cosmetic & plastic surgery,is the best choice for his honest opinion and safe surgical hands while performing surgery. After all experience matters. Here you will be provided with expertise as well as quality .Your satisfaction is out motto.

 Here are some tips for getting Rhinoplasty:

  •  Surgeon should have expertise in this particular type of surgery.
  •  Should give you honest opinion whether you required surgery or not.
  •  The surgeon should be able to satisfy all your queries before surgery.
  •  In Case of any problem arises after surgery he should own it and take care of you should that you feel that you are in safe hand.
  •  You must see the results of the treating surgeon before you decide.

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